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Twilly is a fashion accessory that can be seen in the images of all it-girls in the world. This thin strip of silk is the best way to decorate a woman's neck. The variety of drawings and patterns on it is amazing. How did this stylish accessory come to us?

The twilly shawl owes its popularity to the Hermes fashion house, which began using it in its collections several decades ago. Also in old photos you can see that it is an integral part of the image of horse riders. When going for a horse ride, women put on trousers, light shirts, high boots and tied a thin scarf around their necks. However, it can be used in other forms as well.
  • Hairband. Creates a romantic and light look. Twillie can be woven into a ponytail or braid, and also tied in the manner of a headband.
  • Belt or an addition to it. As a rule, twills, the price of which depends on the material of manufacture and the complexity of the pattern, can be tied to the loops of jeans or trousers.
  • Bracelet. Almost the most popular way to use this accessory. Tie it both on the wrist and on the forearm.
  • For a bag. Simply tie an accessory around the handles of a bag or backpack for a stylish and bright look!
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