OLIZ is the first Ukrainian brand that combined folk traditions, decorative art and fashion on scarves and revived the production of scarves in Ukraine.
OLIZ was founded in 2017, in Kyiv, and the very idea of ​​creating a brand to revive the production of accessories in Ukraine grew out of a collection of vintage Ukrainian scarves that remained to the founder of the brand, Khrystyna Oliiarnyk, as an inheritance from her grandmother.
Grandma devoted her life to working in a handkerchief factory and collecting rare vintage scarves, collecting them all over the country. Along with the collection, Khrystyna also inherited a great love for traditional Ukrainian headscarves and folk decorative art.
The hit of the brand, which makes OLIZ products recognizable, is the flagship collection in the style of Petrikovsky painting in the current color palette. The brand has united a large number of museums around itself, developing collections of clothes and scarves with the masterpieces of Ukrainian artists of various eras and styles, works with contemporary artists to create unique prints for scarves and introduces the whole world to the culture of Ukraine.