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Feminine beauty and taste can be emphasized with a single, but very original accessory. If it is designer and stylish, the lady feels confident, others pay attention to her. An original handmade stole scarf is a good way to stand out from the crowd and demonstrate your good taste. What is an accessory and where can you buy a truly high-quality, designer, fashionable handmade stole?

The term of French origin was originally called long capes for ladies trimmed with fur. I mean, it was outerwear. Today, stoles are fabric capes that can be tied around the head and neck, using as scarves. Fashion accessories are loved by admirers of elegance and romantic style, classics and designer things. Capes help such women to become unique. For example, a stylish accessory can transform a business trouser suit into an elegant evening dress; revive a modest blouse; make the cashmere coat brighter. Casual style lovers with the help of a well-chosen stole can create stylish looks with a regular jacket. In force majeure situations, when you urgently need to become irresistible, a silk stole skillfully tied on your head will become an alternative to a good hairstyle. Fashionistas always have several of these things in their wardrobe, pick them up with coats, suits, cardigans. Some emphasize with the help of capes the color of the eyes and the beauty of the hair. The fair sex knows: such things work wonders! They rejuvenate, improve mood and help create creative everyday and festive bows from ordinary things. All this is possible thanks to the diverse use of the stole. The same scarf can be:
  1. Fold in a rectangle, tied like a scarf around the neck.
  2. Twist with a bundle, lay out in an oval, fasten with a brooch.
  3. Tie like a scarf, lift up the ends and attach to the clasp of the outerwear.
  4. Seal the ends and wrap the tourniquet around the neck twice.
  5. Fold like an accordion, put on like beads, fasten the ends with a knot.
There are dozens of options for using women's stoles. The main thing is to purchase a suitable and original one.

The range and quality of products will satisfy the most demanding customers. After all, only unique and fashionable products are presented in the online store. For the manufacture of stoles, the following natural fabrics are used:
  • wool;
  • silk;
  • linen.
You can choose a stylish item for your wardrobe or as a present. Handmade stole will no doubt be in a single copy. Beautiful elements of Petrikovskaya painting, geometric patterns, a variety of shades and prints are offered to the fair sex by the OLIZ website. Original handmade new clothes will come in handy in any period of the year. Silk or linen stoles - the choice depends on the destination. For a spring wardrobe and mood, the bright softness of linen is suitable. In a windy cold autumn, take care of the warmth with a woolen accessory. It can also be used as a stylish headdress. It is easy to choose a suitable item or make it individually, for a specific look, with OLIZ! You can order an addition to a suit or coat in any color, with tassels or fringes. Beautiful handmade designer stoles are individuality and presentability.

Regardless of occupation, age, residence, women want to be unique. You definitely won’t have to meet “twins” in clothes and accessories if you shop wisely. With OLIZ, it is always convenient and pleasant. Those who like to try on a thing, feel, experiment from Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, local OLIZ stores will do. And in Kyiv, you can buy handmade stoles in 5 outlets! Residents of other localities can take advantage of online offers with the same consultations, exclusivity and efficiency. Handmade accessories are classics of style and taste, wonderful gifts and upgrades!