Petrykivka painting

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    Silk scarf "Temptation"
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    Material: Silk natural
    Size: S-L
    Size: 100х100 cm
    Season: Summer
    Color: Turquoise
    Color: Red
Ukraine is proud of Petrykivskyi painting. This style of painting is unique and also is a UNESCO heritage. Petrykivsky painting is a decorative and applied patterned folk painting, a unique style of drawing that was born in a small village in the central part of Ukraine. The paintings made in this style are full of positive energy and love for life.
Petrykivka creates fairy-tale worlds, populates them with fantasy flowers, magical birds and animals.
This style of painting is characterized by extraordinary plots and vibrant bright colors. Each drawing is like a multi-colored firework, unforgettable and unique.
Petrykyvka is recognized all over the world. It’s a signature of Ukraine. The OLIZ flagship collection is made in the style of Petrykivsky painting. All paintings for scarves were created by hand separately by special order.