Ivan Prykhodko

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The "Prykhodko. The legend of Ukrainian naive" collection of handkerchiefs and twills was born in collaboration with the outstanding Ukrainian artist Ivan Prykhodko.
The artist works in the genre of decorative painting, folk toys and woodwork sculptures and is a bright representative of the genre of naive art.
Ivan creates fairy-tale worlds and mixes folk traditions and his deep inner world. He paints angels, unusual animals, magical flowers.
If you look at the master's works more carefully and one by one, you can notice an interesting thing: the artist illustrates fairy tales avoiding negative, dark elements, instead, in his magical kingdom Ivan Prykhodko reproduces an absolute good and bright state of mind.
The collection includes scarves with pictures:
“Solar Waterfall” 2012
“The good beast fell in love with the goldfish” 2019
“Angel” 2010
“Cosmic joy” 1998
Untitled (flowers) 1997