In the heart of OLIZ is a fascination with vintage Ukrainian shawls, which came from a family collection of the founder of the brand Khrystyna Zbrosohenko. In 2013, we started restoring the scarves in the collection and a year later,  realized that the only way to save them is to reproduce them with modern technology.

In Ukrainian tradition, a scarf is not just an accessory that protects from the sun or wind, but also a lucky charm and a valuable gift. The life of women has changed a lot in the past centuries, and hence the role of a scarf has changed, which, however, remains an important element of clothing. The illustrious Petrykivsky painting artist Natalia Stativa-Zharko helped us to demonstrate this change. The artist works on each picture for several months, so that the traditional ornaments and symbols created with oil paint became a piece of art and could appear on your scarf. The painter creates a picture of the same size as a scarf, and then recreates it in digital format. The handkerchief undergoes a multi-stage high-quality print, and the canvas for it is Italian silk. All production takes place in Kyiv. 

We create every scarf so that you feel connected with a strong Ukrainian tradition every day. And we know – it suits you!

Facts about OLIZ

· OLIZ shawls are a 100% Ukrainian product with a full cycle of production in Kyiv.
· Prints are created by Ukrainian artists who develop hand-painted ornaments for several months.
· We use only natural fabrics (silk from Italy, flax – from Ukraine, silk/cotton – from Italy.) We use environmentally safe, high-quality paints. As a result, the fabric does not fade or burn out.
· We have modern European equipment, similar to the world’s top brands; It helps us to recreate the painting on fabric (screen printing).
· We take care of the environmental and ethical nature of our work process (we support Ukrainian craftsmen and create well-paid jobs).
· All our paintings are unique and protected by copyright.
· A team of designers develops each scarf color, following trend recommendations (in particular, Pantone recommendations).
· The goods are packed in environmentally friendly boxes made of pressed linen.

Our collections

“Charming Firebird”
In the painting, two charming Firebirds are flying out of the space of flowers. They are a symbol of marital happiness, well-being, harmony and equality between men and women.
The sketch of the drawing was developed for 6 months by the illustrious master of Petrykivsky painting – Natalia Stativa-Zharko. The artist only paints when in good mood to pass positive energy through the picture and colors.
“Flower Fairy”
Bright colors, made in the style of Petrykiv painting, bloom on silk scarves and give the owners great mood and energy.
The sketch of the drawing was developed for 6 months by the famous master of Petrykivsky painting – Natalia Stativa-Zharko. The entire collection is presented in the Trend Colors of Pantone.
“Flower of passion – Passionflower”
The collection depicts a fascination with the world of nature and contains the inscriptions “Live.Breate.Believe.Love”. The scarves boast vivid birds of paradise and flowers from all over the world: red hibiscus, pink passiflora, Ukrainian iwan-tea.
Bright Ukrainian beewings add charm and color to pictures. These scarves give you a sense of ease, tenderness and sensuality.
The complementary collection, “Twillies with hummingbirds” became an addition to the collection “Passionflower”. The bright and sophisticated hummingbirds surrounded by tropical flowers create a joyful and playful mood, a real sense of ease and celebration.
“Color Abstraction”
The collection offers a unique color solution in the form of an abstract image of the symbols of the sun and flowers created by Ukrainian artists.
Thanks to the variety of colors and softness of the drawing lines, the owners of scarves can combine these scarves with any wardrobe and create unforgettable looks.
The purpose of all our collections is to show the beauty of art, Ukrainian traditions and the beauty of the world around us, to make the owners of the scarves feel inspired.