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Silk headscarf with zebras





Ascania Capsule Collection

OLIZ has just released a collection of headscarves with stork, zebra and flamingo prints.

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Askania-Nova Reserve, in collaboration with the independent film distributor 86 PROKAT (before the premiere of the Ukrainian documentary The Askania Reserve which is now shown in Planeta Kino and Zhovten Cinema), the Ukrainian brand created the collection of headscarves with animal and bird prints. They are the residents of the reserve who need our attention and support.

Steppe birds and animals of Kherson region have less space because people reclaim inviolable land, turning it into an agricultural area. The Askania-Nova Reserve is the only institution in the region that protects a unique ecosystem.

Our key message is that there are much more important things than politics or private life. The scale of nature in Askania is unique, and every Ukrainian should see and appreciate it.

Drawings for headscarves from this collection were created by the artist Marysya Ruds’ka.

10% of profits from the sale of tickets, as well as the Askania collection, will be donated to the needs of the reserve.

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