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Scarf with camellias “For Good” black


Do you want to live in a better world? Act! #forgood

We want change. We do good because we want to make progress. In a world full of sorrows, every good deed testifies that there is hope, that we have not forgotten about those living in poverty, despair and loneliness, those who need our support.

You are holding an original scarf (ribbon) manufactured by the Ukrainian brand OLIZ for the limited collection “Camellia”, intended to remind you of the most important thing — acting #forgood.

The heroine of this collection is the camellia flower. Its beauty and sustainability has always inspired people. Thanks to these traits camellia became the epitome of feminine beauty and strength, the power of defying circumstances.
We also believe that one of the most wonderful forces in the world is the power of good deeds.
20% of each sale of the collection will be donated to the Klub Dobrodiiv Charitable Foundation in support of orphans and children in difficult circumstances.
Thank you for your contribution! Wear it with pleasure and spread the virus of good deeds!

With love, the OLIZ team and the Klub Dobrodiiv

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